Diane holding Cloe


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  1. Diane is holding her granddaughter Chloe Elizabeth (Named after Grammy Elizabeth ‘Alice’? Soucy Napoleon) Chloe was born Oct 8th, 2006 at the Barrie hospital in Ontario. The parents of Chloe is Diane’s daughter Sara Deroy & Nathan Blodgett of Barrie,,,Diane was married to Eddy Deroy from Montreal. Eddy is a retired military from CFB Borden, Ontario. Diane passed away Dec 15th, 2007 at Angus Ont where they lived near CFB Borden. Eddy remarried in 2010 and lives at Markham Ont. Sara their daughter did not marry Chloe’s father, she is now married to Samuel Alarie and has 3 children and they live at CFB Trenton, Ont. I have 3 gerat-grandchildren with Diane’s daughter Sara….

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